5 Palestinian Brands to buy from

5 Palestinian Brands to buy from

I believe we all have a role to play in doing our part against the dehumanization of a people. And, I believe art, culture and heritage is a beautiful venue for bridging gaps and helping us see the other. 
Read on to learn about 5 Palestinian brands educating about and preserving Palestinian culture - much of what Istani strives to do with indigenous Pakistani heritage. Even if you don't buy from them, I encourage you to peruse their websites and read about the textile traditions these brands are working to preserve.


A man bend over a branch in the Palestinian landscape

"PaliRoots mission is to bring awareness to the world about the Palestinian culture by crafting specialty products inspired by its people and identity." Paliroots crafts traditional and unique products that highlight Palestinian culture. Watch through their Palestinian travel series to learn more about the land of Palestine.

Nol Collective

Naturally dyed fabric in shades of pink and magenta hanging to dry in Palestinian fields

Nol Collective was one of the brands I studied when founding Istani. Nol Collective works directly with women owned cooperatives and local artisans to source and manufacture their materials. The brand brings together craftspeople otherwise separated by borders and military occupation. Check out their Fall 2023 collection here.

Anat International

Denim jackets with traditional Palestinian Tatreez embroidery hanging 

Anat International is a slow-fashion gender neutral brand that aims to revive the textile industry in Gaza that has been negatively impacted by an unjust blockade for over 10 years. They use traditional Palestinian Tatreez embroidery to investigate the role of gender in weaving arts. Explore their store here.



Hirbawi is the last remaining original producer of the iconic Palestinian Keffiyah in Palestinian lands. Read their detailed blog post on the origin and history of the Keffiyah and the meaning of its print and patterns.


Deera is a sustainable slow-fashion brand producing pre-made and custom made-to-order pieces. Their mission revolved around the preservation of traditional Palestinian embroidery. See their stunning hand-embroidered collection here

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