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About Istani
Istani is an independent, woman-owned lifestyle brand based in New York City. We are deeply influenced by our South Asian roots and the diversity and creativity of NYC.

At Istani, we source fabrics from small scale artisans in Pakistan and transform them into modern, ready-to-wear pieces. Our bright and bold designs are made to enhance your personal style and inspire confidence in yourself. 

About Tehmina
Tehmina, the founder of Istani, was born and raised in Pakistan and currently reps uptown, NYC. Tehmina started Istani in 2019 as a way of expressing her Pakistani roots and the undeniable influence of growing up in NYC. Even though she spent her pre-Istani time building a non-profit career, she was intrigued by creativity since her early teens -- learning to sew at 14, photography at 16, screenprinting and drawing in her early 20's. Istani has been a way to bring all these interests together, and honor the places in the world that impacted her the most. These days, when she's not working on Istani, she's learning to DJ, practicing Muay Thai, or cooking up her next travel plans. 


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