About Istani
Istani is an independent, woman-owned clothing label based in New York City. We are deeply influenced by our South Asian roots and the diversity and creativity of NYC. Using indigenous Pakistani textiles and elements of Pakistani fashion, we create handmade pieces that are bold, modern, and versatile. We aim for our creations to inspire our communities as much as they have inspired us. 
About Tehmina
Tehmina, the founder of Istani, was born and raised in Pakistan and currently reps uptown, NYC. After 7 years of community organizing work, she left the 9 to 5, non-profit world to travel, take a break from NYC, and create Istani in 2018. Tehmina is driven to work on Istani because she is proud of her roots, passionate about creativity, and very curious about entrepreneurship. She has big plans for Istani and is excited to share them with you as the brand grows. Stay tuned!  

Contact Us

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