About Istani
Istani is an independent, woman-owned lifestyle brand based in New York City and inspired by Pakistan, since 2019.

We source handcrafted fabrics from local artisans in Pakistan to create timeless pieces. Our garments are designed for the modern and conscientious woman with an adventurous sense of style.

We take our inspiration from the diversity of cultures, the richness of nature and the curious joy of being human. 

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Founder - Tehmina Brohi
I am a Pakistani-born, NYC-cultivated citizen of the world. I spent my pre-Istani time building a non-profit career and gave that up in 2017 to travel and fuel my creativity. During this time, a chance WhatsApp message from a family member in Pakistan sowed the seeds of what Istani has become today. Connecting with family in Pakistan gave me firsthand access to local workshops and craftsmen that are working hard to produce beautiful garments using a natural dying process. I was deeply inspired by this and moved to do my part of highlight and preserve this 5000 year old art form of creating textiles.

With no business education or any formal design or fashion industry training, I began producing garments via Istani in 2019. Since then, I have visited Pakistan to get to know our suppliers and build deeper relationships with the local workshops we hire. And develop a deeper connection to the land and to my roots.

Notes on Ethics & Sustainability

  • Sustainability is inherent to the work we do. The woodblock printing method we work with uses all natural ingredients and incorporates all five elements into the textile-making process
  • We understand the economic power disparity at play here, as U.S. based designers sourcing textiles from Pakistani craftsmen. We value our relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers and let them take the lead in setting prices for their work.
  • We strongly believe that our indigenous systems of productions are inherently resilient and sustainable and it is our goal to preserve and highlight these methods of production in order to achieve a sustainable future
  • We work slowly and mindfully to create high-quality garments that you can feel good wearing. With good care, these products are meant to last you for years, possibly even generations to come. 


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