I made you a mixtape!

I made you a mixtape!

Vintage Mixtape
Am I being too forward? I believe sharing music is the foundation of any great relationship!

This may not be a traditional mixtape--as in a cassette tape with a hand-drawn cover and songs I recorded from the radio--but this is pretty close!

If you're like me, discovering new music from around the world is as exhilarating as traveling it. As a token of joy from me to you, I've curated a playlist of my favorite femme musicians from around the world.

All of these songs are sure to make you feel on top of the world, but a few of them are special to me. Here are a few of my favorite tracks that capture my favorite vibes.

Soy Yo by Bomba Estereo 

Bomba Estereo is one of my all time favorite bands and its front-person and lead vocalist is none other than the vibrant and funky femme Li Saumet. The message of the song is to be unapologetically and fearlessly yourself and the music video is sure to uplift your spirits!


I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor 

A classic, of course! This makes my top 5 because it is my GO-TO karaoke track and no matter where I karaoke this, the whole room always gets involved with the chorus. Try it the next time you karaoke!

Weave by Ashni 

I have a personal connection to this song. Ashni is and NYC-based South Asian artist and the sister of a dear friend. I truly appreciate her as an artist on a whole and love the brilliant and moody vibes of this track.

What a Bam Bam by Amara La Negra 

This is surely a fun femme-led party anthem and definitely on my summer playlists. I also always appreciate a good sampling of Sister Nancy’s Bam Bam.

Precious Possession by Anna Wise 

Anna Wise’s dreamy vocals set against a hazy musical backdrop and the message of this song make it a favorite. The composition of the song facilitates the imagery of the dystopia she paints where women are objectified for their sexuality and desired for their love and caring.

Power by Goapele 

This song draws me in from the opening with its drums and cymbals reminiscent of tribal & indigenous melodies. The lyrics are about self-love and love for your community. By the end of this song you’ll wanna step into your own power and shine your light on the world.

Black Woman Dancing

Go ahead, give it a listen and jam out.

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