Istani X Sustainability

Istani X Sustainability

We live in a world where we are daily receiving news about some current climate catastrophe or displacement of people or loss of livelihoods, due to the massive environmental changes our planet is undergoing. 

Research has found that textile production alone causes 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Materials like polyester are made from petroleum which require twice as much energy than it's substitutes like cotton. More so, textile production uses 93 billion cubic meters of water contributing to over 20% of water pollution.

With this awareness, we also take seriously our responsibility in this ecosystem as a producer of fashion and clothing products. 

We intentionally do not want to re-create and adopt that same processes and ways of doing things as fast fashion brands; processes and systems that exploit and abuses natural resources, culture, and people in poorer countries such as Bangladesh, Vietnam and China. 

Here at Istani, we are doing things differently. We believe that working ethically is a choice and we make that choice every day and in everything we do. Istani is a people-forward brand, where we honor the humans and culture we work with and are intentional about our processes and systems.


Here are ways in which Istani remains socially and environmentally conscious

Employing local craftsmen
All of our textiles are locally produced at workshops in rural Pakistan. We work one-on-one with the craftsmen and workshops to bring textiles that best represent South Asian culture.


Produce Sustainably
All of our designs are curated in a minimalistic manner. Unlike fast fashion brands, we want to make sure that our brand is not contributing towards wastage of material and other resources at the expense of mass production. Wherever possible, we re-use leftover materials to upcycle into new products, such as our latest Scrunchie Set.

Quality > Quantity 
Since we avoid producing in large quantities, our main goal is to provide you with an item that you can sustain for a longer period of time. We use high quality fabric that can be worn multiple times, allowing you to live that sustainable yet fashionable lifestyle.

Accountability on production 
In order to be the most sustainable we can, we ensure that all the ingredients that go into making an item are completely natural. From fabrics to dyes, the whole process consists of using earth’s materials to give you a high-quality, long-lasting product. 

Honoring and Preserving indigenous knowledge 
All designs are created while preserving indigenous crafts, techniques and methods of textile production that are sustainable connected to the elements of nature.

At Istani, we are constantly thinking of new ways in which we can ensure sustainable habits. In 2021, where fashion has already contributed so much towards the pollution of earth, we want to beware of leaving our positive blueprint.

We want to create that future in collaboration with our community. Let us know in the comments how you believe sustainability can be achieved for a small brand like Istani? How would you like to see us operate?
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