Memories beyond a lifetime: How to care for your garments so they last longer.

Memories beyond a lifetime: How to care for your garments so they last longer.

Memories beyond a lifetime: How to care for your garments so they last longer.

Every single piece of clothing hanging in our closet right now holds stories and special memories.  The dress we wore the first time we went to see our favorite band. The orange sweater was left behind by someone who broke our hearts. That overpriced pair of pants we impulse-bought as retail therapy.

Think about it: it’s amazing how a simple piece of fabric can hold so much of the tapestry of our lives, and enliven the experiences we once lived while wearing it. Whether good, bad, or ugly, most of those memories stitch together to create a panorama of our life and who we are, and who we have been. 

We change. We evolve. Memories morph and fade away. But with proper care and attention, our garments truly can last a lifetime. Your closet can be your own ever-evolving scrapbook or memoir. 

Let us guide you through some simple steps to ‘garment longevity.’’ We are sure this is a memory you won’t forget ;)

Quality pieces, quality memories!

Our first advice, more than how to treat your garments, correlates with how you chose your garments. Investing in quality pieces and fabrics is the first step for long-lasting memories and stories. Reflect upon the brands, the textiles, and the pieces you are going to buy. Think about how the fabric is made, who made it, and how it was sourced. This mindfulness will ensure your clothes will not only last for as long as possible, but that the number of memories you create will also be endless. 


P.S. I even think about garments I’d love to pass down to future generations when I’m buying clothes. A piece of me that gets to live on, in fashion. 

Wash with care.

Washing your clothes properly is the next step. 

  1. First of all, avoid washing them too much. Simply give it a bit more thought whenever you think about washing a specific piece. Do you need to wash your favorite jeans every time you wear them? Studies have shown that, in order to last longer, clothes should be washed between every 2-3 uses, reducing water contact and therefore possible damage. 
  2. Separating your colors from your blacks and your whites is also a must! This simple and easy step can avoid staining, discoloration, and many other accidents from happening. 
  3. Read the tag! Tags are there for a reason, and when it comes to washing your clothes, normally, that reason is to avoid disasters. Always respect the temperature recommendations and settings and make sure you don’t leave your clothes in the machine for too long, they don’t like it in there! Also, quick extra tip, put your garments inside out before you wash them. Trust us on this one - it’ll keep your fibers and colors vibrant for years to come!
  4. We highly recommend you wash everything (or most things) by hand. Your hands are the perfect tools for preserving any type of textile, so take advantage of them. 
Note: This can also be a great mindfulness exercise. As you wash your clothes by hand, take time to look at the stitching, the color, the pattern - think about all the work that went into creating what you hold and wear (growing and harvesting the cotton, dying, printing, cutting, stitching, fitting, packaging, shipping, etc.)  Feel the texture in your hands, and get connected to your clothes. Our clothing pieces do not exist in a vacuum - there are many hands and humans that go behind creating a single garment. 

5. Use delicate and as “natural as possible” detergents and soaps. The fewer chemicals you put onto your garments the better. Fabrics will last longer and threads will be much less damaged as well. 

Let the air do its thing!

When it comes to drying, let the air do its thing! Avoid tumble dryers as much as possible, as well as dry cleaners. The tumbles and turns will damage your clothes and maybe even shrink some of the more fragile ones. A good tip would also be to dry whites and lighter colors outside and darker colors inside, to avoid direct sun damage. 

The secrets of good storage!

Don’t think we are done just yet! Now that your clothes are ready to be put away, it’s time to invest in good and sturdy quality hangers that will help keep your pieces in place. On the other hand, not everything needs a hanger. Allow your knits and sweaters to stay properly folded in dry and cool places, avoiding stretching and possible humidity damage. 

Now that you know how to take care of your garments, go ahead and commit to a life of adventures and stories with your clothes. We promise it will be a fulfilling shift in your life.

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