More than just a color

More than just a color

At Istani, our mission is to create clothing that will make you feel good in your skin and free to be your most authentic self. While we give our all in creating the best pieces for our audience, our printed shift dress has been one of our most beloved projects. 

We chose a predominantly blue and yellow color palette for this dress. Colors that are the perfect combination to represent 2021, a year followed by so much hardships, chaos and uncertainty. 

Blue; the color of the ocean and sky, representing open spaces and freedom. After being cooped up in our houses for a year, this feeling of freedom is exactly what we need. By using blue, we invite you to open up your minds up to new possibilities, dreams, and adventures.

The color also represents patience and understanding. A trait that truly helped us all get through the past year. We use it to honor the resilience that was shown by people in one of the most difficult challenges of our lifetime. 

The color blue also sparks a feeling of grounding and we contrast that with the uplifting hues of yellow. The merging of these two colors and idea alludes to the balance, peace, and harmony we are all desiring and deserving of.

Yellow; the color that represents sunshine, hope and happiness. After the collective experience of 2020, it's exactly what we need. The color yellow is said to enhance confidence and communication. Feelings that we hope you feel all the time, but even more when you put on the gorgeous printed shift dress.

When you wear this dress, we want you to fully radiate your truest energy all around you. Which is why we also threw in bits of white in the dress, the color of goodness and endless possibilities. 

When creating our most significant piece of 2021, we wanted to make sure that it represented exactly what we wanted to contribute to the world. This dress tells the story of the possibility of healing and invites you to be your truest self, unapologetically. It is totally safe to be totally yourself. 

These are not just colors, but a representation of strength, creativity, and joy we all carry within ourselves. 

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