New Designs, Inspired by Nature

New Designs, Inspired by Nature

It's finally time for us to unveil some of what we have been working long and hard on. This latest collection is different from anything we've ever done before. We've heard your feedback and made improvements on the textile and on our designs. 

In this collection, we've been inspired by our inherent relationship to nature and all the ways it invites joy, meditation, bliss, curiosity, and brilliance into our lives. In every piece, we've added an element of sophistication alongside fun and playful details. We hope you delight in our creations! 

Here's what's now available to shop:


The Del Mar Wraparound Pant is inspired by the bliss and ease of being oceanside. This can easily function as casual day-to-day wearing or be an exquisite addition to your vacation wardrobe. 

If you've never worn a wrap pant before, here is a quick 4-step tutorial on how to put them on:

1. Hold your wrap pants at waist level to check the length. 
2. Drop the backside panel and tie the frontside panel behind your back. 
3. Pull the hanging fabric through your legs. 
4. Tie the strings in the front.


The Blooming Diamonds Mini is such a playful and sophisticated piece. We love the super fun print and the elegant flared sleeves on this one! Featuring earthy tones that can easily be paired with colorful accessories. 


Creamy zig zag patterns play on crimson cotton hues in this matching Red Earth Set. Each item in this set is available for purchase, separately so you can mix-and-match for endless styling options.


We added playful and feminine elements like a pleated waist and puff sleeves to this Fire Opal Blouse. Like the sparkles and flashes of color of the rare stone it's named after, this print can sometimes play like an optical illusion adding another element of fun. 


As always, all our products are handcrafted in small batches, with heart. We use all natural ingredients to print on 100% cotton fabric. All our pieces can be machine washed with like colors. And, we recommend hang drying to preserve the longevity of the pieces 💚 Loved clothes last longer

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