Same Stories, New Beginnings

Same Stories, New Beginnings

Same stories, New beginnings

How have you grown in the last few years? How have you seen yourself transform? Our identities shift over time. Our identities reflect our current beliefs, habits, traditions, the people we surround ourselves with, and the work we put our passions into— an endless cycle of discovery, growth, and evolution.

Every big or small choice is a step towards defining and refining our true character.

We build our identity based on where we come from, our personal experiences, our senses, and how we feel in each moment, in between each and every breath. 

It’s magical – we are living, breathing, moving representations of the culture we were born into or became a part of.

Every now and again, we are tempted to make a fresh start. 

We take on new adventures and a fresh state of mind, without losing sight of our values.

We reflect on our experiences, prioritize what truly matters, and live into our convictions, more than ever before. 

We speak our truth louder and bolder, living into our authenticity and impacting change with every small action we do.

Istani is no exception to the rule.

We built Istani as an ode to heritage and tradition. In every stitch, every hue, every thread, and every step of the process, we enliven the essence of a rich but marginalized tradition. A textile tradition that is worth preserving; giving voice to the lineages of diligent craftsmen who have kept it alive in their modest workshops, for generations.   

From the busy streets of New York to the beautiful fields of rural Pakistan, we celebrate indigenous talent and history, while exploring the curious joy of being human. 

New image, new beginnings

For the past few years, as we’ve grown consciously and continuously, we identified the purpose of who we truly want to be: A safe haven for those who live between land and celebrate their identity to its fullest, with no ifs ands, or buts

This reflection and revelation has led us to our very own new beginning. 

Through this rebranding process, we take another step in the direction of our authenticity. We ground deeper into our vision. We renew our commitment to being a bridge between cultures while creating a brand that celebrates your authenticity.  We embrace our roots, our values, and our dreams. We become the voice of diversity and open the path to a beautiful revolution. 

“Consciously You” allows us to express ourselves to the fullest.

Join us as we vow to help you become Consciously You

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