We Did A Cross-Cultural Cook-Off

We Did A Cross-Cultural Cook-Off

Whole and Ground Spices


Well, kind of.

Have you ever thought about how fascinating it is that different cultures across the world will use the same spices but cook them into whole new flavors and experiences? 

Of course, as the founder of a brand that exists to tell cross-cultural stories, I think about this often. So, when I came across Happy Family Night Market's Community Cookbook, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try something fun and collaborative.  

I partnered up with my friend Zach and we chose to cook up our own versions of the hearty homecooked Curry Chicken and Potatoes with a side of rice. With both of us having roots in ex-British colonies (Jamaica & Pakistan), we explored how spices and recipes traveled from the Indian subcontinent to the West Indies, and were localized for the Caribbean culture. 

"“Inspired by the shared histories and fusion of our respective cultures, my Pakistani American friend Tehmina and I collaborated to make two different versions of the same classic household recipe we both grew up with. Both recipes evoke memories of our mothers’ & grandmothers’ heartwarming home-cooking. We were excited to explore these recipes together and traverse time and space by sharing our memories and stories of the dish and the ingredients used." - Zach

Head on over to Happy Family Night Market's Cookbook for both recipes and to explore other traditional Asian recipes.

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Thank you for sharing such a thoughtful and memorable pair of recipes! Did any new insights or questions arise as a result of your collaboration? Anything surprising in terms of shared tastes, techniques, or memories?


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