Our Process

The Fabric

We use Ajrak, a woodblock printed fabric for all our pieces. Traditional Ajrak making requires a 23-step process and uses natural elements such as water, air, and fire in the making. We currently work with local workshops who use a more simplified version of this process to create pieces that are affordable. Watch this short documentary to learn more about the ancient process.



The Tailoring
All our designs are conceived of and sketched in the Bronx, New York City. We then communicate the designs to our team in Karachi, Pakistan. Once final design choices have been made, we work with small, local tailoring shops to stitch the pieces.


En Route to NYC!
The final products are then ironed, packaged, and mailed to us in NYC.


Once the final pieces are in NYC, then begins the process of photographing the products, telling their story, and getting the pieces to our customers!